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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

SBG Whitefish Montana


Live Streaming 

11 Months

9 Modules 


I'm Ready to Evolve
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The Evolve Method®


11 Months. 9 Modules

When you are steeped in practice you cannot help but transmit something of meaning.

Based in experiential  and conceptual learning, this course is designed to offer students a breadth of practices, techniques, and philosophical teachings allowing students to formulate a yoga that fits their life and needs.

Yoga is not one-size-fits all. This training is here for your evolution not to transmit dogmatic approaches to practice. 

The 11-month, 9 Module structure allows for a leisurely immersive opportunity to integrate, implement, and absorb the teachings and practices. 

Students managing a busy work-life and family balance find the extended live program to be the most beneficial. 

The Evolve Method focus on personal development and experiential teaching will help you to develop your authentic teaching voice. 


Elevated Teaching

In these uncertain times many are craving something more than fitness-based yoga. They're seeking practices to not only support their daily living but to guide them towards their Highest possibilities. 

This program is designed to give you the tools to become so much more than an fitness instructor.

Asana done well has the potential to touch more than the body. In this training teachers will learn to use the guidance of Ayurveda and other maps of the self to guide their students in a way that touches beyond the body. 

Students will learn to guide a wealth of practices including meditations, kriyas, pranayama, yoga asana classes, and more.

Students will be provided with scripts to supplement their learning as they find their comfort in their own voice. 


Modern Movement 

We have learned a lot about how bodies function since the creation of modern asana in the early 19th century. In this training you will learn functional mobility practices for joint health as well as functional approaches to yoga asana.

You will learn to practice for longevity and to teach practices that mitigate injury and support your students on and off the mat. Teachers will explore bioflow anatomy and neuroscientific approaches to wellness and breath work, and more.


Theory + Education

You will enjoy year long access to live practices with Selena including The Non-Linear Movement Method® (a healing practice for the nervous system), Kinstretch® (joint mobility training), yoga asana, Wild Women's Circle®, and discounts on all workshops and trainings for 1 year post training completion.

Yoga is a spectrum of theory and practice and this training will offer in-depth experience in both. 

This training is anchored in Sri Vidya Tantra, Katonah Yoga®, Functional Range Systems®, and Personal Development Coaching. 


Personal Development

You can only teach who you are. Students will participate in personal development coaching to face their fears, establish core values, a mission, values, and purpose, and to truly author their lives. Coaching is anchored in the modality of the Integrative Health Coach Institute.


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Who Should Take This Program?

We come to the path of teaching yoga because we are seekers. Often as we invest in our yoga there comes a point where we're no longer satisfied with staying on the surface of things,  with only learning in the 60 or 90 minute asana class environment.

We crave depth to our practice. We want to know WHY we are engaging in certain techniques. We want to understand ourselves and the practice better. 

We come to the path of teacher because we have been touched by something and we want to share that experience with others. 

This program is an opportunity to nurture and explore your inner landscape, to connect with practices and teachings on a new level, and to develop yourself both personally and professionally.

Teachers will leave this program with years of material to explore in their personal practice and teaching. 

Yoga practitioners of all skill levels, that are ready to deepen their connection with this work, whether you intend to teach or not are welcome. 



You Will Learn

  • The History of Yoga
  • An introduction to the Philosophy of yoga. Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Introduction to the Gita, and more
  • Functional Anatomy of Yoga
  • The program will guide teachers through the seasons offering seasonal wellness practices anchored in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Katonah Yoga®
  • Art of Intelligent Sequencing
  • Art of Touch
  • Teaching Methdology
  • Teaching Pranayama (breathwork) + Meditation
  • Study of yogic texts and their application to modern life
  • Art of demonstration
  • Skills and drills for joint health and advancing your asana
  • Self-reflection, personal development 
  • Business of Yoga that is practical, pragmatic, and purposeful
  • Esoteric maps of the body
  • And more...

A Note From Selena...

I have been teaching movement for almost 20 years to individuals from all walks of life, different abilities, and different goals. I believe that movement, longevity, and the practices of yoga belong to everyone and I do not take a one-size fits all approach. My philosophy is that all bodies are good bodies and there is no "right" way to move or to show up.

This program is an invitation into inquiry rather than imposition. The non-dogmatic approach honors the wisdom and inherent genius in each of YOU and seeks to support you in shining your unique light. 

I created this program because I believe that variability is key. If you only wrap yarn in one direction eventually the ball will unravel.

My mission is to help you build in tandem strength, flexibility, and mobility. To move beyond body-only practices and to develop skills for deep relaxation, better breathing, and tools for addressing your every-day life, relationships, and emotional agility.

The Evolve Method® is more than a movement system, it's a full-spectrum offering to help you better navigate every area of your life. It's time for a personal revolution. To love who you are and who you are becoming and everything in between.

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  • Being able to offer your students seasonal wellness, Ayurveda-informed practices, and tried and true lineage practices to elevate your student's lives

  • Having clear, specific steps to take to grow your business, host workshops and retreats, and market your work effectively

  • Joining a global community to learn from, share expertise, and build connection

  • Developing a stellar home practice and teaching that supports your longevity, your movement, your training, and more

  • Having a personal toolkit of practices and personal development techniques to better navigate every area of your life



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What's Included


#1- The Evolve Method manual & Handouts

Each module you'll receive supplementary handouts, journal prompts, and more to support your learning

#2- Community Forum

Access to a private online community forum for questions that come up between modules, sharing your journey, and connecting with other students

#3- Evolve Method Online Training Access

Enjoy year-long access post training to the full 200-Hour Online program for review and personal growth.

#4- Discounted Workshops + Free Classes

Enjoy FREE classes with Selena at SBG Whitefish during your training + a substantial discount on retreats, workshops, and classes for one year post graduation.

#5- Immersive Training Weekends

Each training module retreat into the cocoon of study and sadhana with your peers. 

#6- Discounted Unlimited Monthly Membership at Mandala Hot Yoga for local students

Flathead Valley training participants can receive a discounted monthly unlimited membership to Mandala Hot Yoga upon enrollment for the duration of their training. 

The Result? 

A stellar, professional education. Tools and practices to support your personal wellbeing and growth. Years of teaching material for you to explore, integrate, implement, and share with your community.


You'll learn practices for improved mobility, better sleep, confidence, strength, flexibility, emotional wellbeing, and more. 

The Result? 

A stellar, professional education. Tools and practices to support your personal wellbeing and growth. Years of teaching material for you to explore, integrate, implement, and share with your community.


You'll learn practices for improved mobility, better sleep, confidence, strength, flexibility, emotional wellbeing, and more. 

What will I learn again?

You will learn:

  • The art of Sequencing
  • Seasonal wellness anchored in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoism, and Ayurveda
  • Gain extensive practical teaching experience and sequencing experience
  • Business of yoga. Building a brand, running workshops, retreats, teaching in the digital age and more
  • You will learn to guide meditation and breath work 
  • Group facilitation and containment skills
  • Functional anatomy studies
  • Mobility and joint health practices
  • Receive personal development coaching.
  • History and philosophy of yoga
  • Mantra practice
  • Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga Practices
  • And so much more...
I'm Ready

Am I ready?


You have some familiarity with yoga asana and practice

The best candidates for teacher training have fundamental knowledge of yoga asana and some experience on the mat. All levels welcome.  


You practice studentship

You're committed to personal and professional development and you're curious about yoga and going beyond the basics. You're driven to study and practice. 


You want to offer more...

You're not satisfied with asana fitness classes and you want to bring more depth and enriching experiences to your students. You are seeking practices that reignite and sustain your passion for yoga and its wealth of knowledge

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Your personal Revolution is here...

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One time payment

  • Free Yoga Classes + Discounted Memberships
  • Online student portal and Private forum
  • Discounted privates, workshops, and trainings
  • Free classes with Selena online + in-person
  • Lowest pricing option



10 monthly payments

  • Free Yoga Classes + Discounted Memberships
  • Online student portal and Private forum
  • Discounted privates, workshops, and trainings
  • Free classes with Selena online + in-person
  • Flexible Payment plans














What's the Schedule like?

In general classes operate one weekend per month with no classes in December, July, and August offering holiday and summer flexibility

Friday 6-9:00pm, Saturday 9:30-9:00, Sunday 9:30-4:30


November 12-14th
January 7-9th
February 4-6th
March 4-6th
March 18-20th
April 1-3rd
June 3-5th
June 17-19th
September 16-18th

Commonly Asked

A few more details

In-Person or Live-Streaming


The program is offered in person at Straight Blast Gym Whitefish and Straight Blast Gym Kalispell. Students may also participate remotely via zoom.


Attendance is mandatory. For a more flexible, self-paced training experience check out the online 200 hour.

Meet Your Lead Instructor

Selena Garefino MPH, MA, ERYT, Personal Development Coach

I have been teaching movement for almost 15 years and training yoga teachers for 5 years. 

A student for life, I named this work the Evolve Method because I am continually weaving new methods, new tools, and new ways of operating into my work and offerings. 

To go somewhere you've never been before requires you do something you've never done before. This is evolution. It's the key to our elevation and our personal revolution. 

I'm all about a movement and coaching practice that feels good, that ups your function and your longevity. I am after practices that are enlivening, enriching, and make way for you and your creative genius to shine over dogma every time. 

I teach alignment as a guiding light rather than a rigidity to form, making space for all bodies and all ways of being. 

I have thousands of hours of yoga training primarily under the tutelage of Dr. Douglas Brooks, Elena Brower, Noah Maze´, Nevine Michaan, Abbie Galvin, Melina Meza, and Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker.

I hold additional certifications in pilates, FRC, Kinstretch, Katonah Yoga, personal training, and Movement Flow. I am the recipient of a Masters of Public Health from Boston University, a Masters of Socio-Cultural Anthropology, a PhD Candidate, former Cornell Graduate Fellow, Fulbright Research Award Recipient, and presently completing a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. 



Christen Nicole Rak Co-Lead Instructor


Christen Rak is the owner of Mandala Hot Yoga in Whitefish Montana. Christen has taught yoga and meditation for over 15 years. 

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Christen is as an avid horse woman at heart. Starting in 2000, Christen began her other life love of yoga with a deep personal practice in college.  By 2007, she had found her yoga training home, 7 Centers for the Arts, the first yoga studio in Sedona, Arizona.  To date, she has completed all of 7 Centers’ trainings, 200 hours in Hatha, 500 in Yoga Therapy, and 800 hours in Kundalini.

Having realized yoga studio business ownership was a possibility in her career, she now feels blessed and fulfilled to share her gifts with you in the beautiful space we have available.  Her desire is that all who need this place, find it.

Is this for me?

Not everything requiring effort is worth having, but everything worth having requires effort. This training is for you if you are a dedicated student that is ready for expansion, elevation, and evolution. You're committed to your personal and professional growth and ready to offer your community practices that go deeper than physical prowess. You're craving lineage practices that touch your heart, your mind, your soul. You're not satisfied with the status quo in the modern yoga world and you are ready to dive deep. If you're still reading, consider this your cosmic "YES!" 

We Evolve Together and Together We Start a Revolution.

Let's Do This

Here's What Others Are Saying...


If you aren't ready to have your life changed, don't study with Selena. She has a rare gift of glimpsing her students' highest potential and constructing an environment to slowly draw it out. You will learn Anatomy and philosophy from soneone who is deeply passionated about them and it shows. You WILL be inspired. You WILL leave equipped with the tools and insight to transform your life. You will also learn, inside and out and in every direction, an intricate, many-faceted and carefully considered perspective of the yoga tradition from an insanely experienced student herself. The whole idea of Selena's trainings are to integrate and assimilate the method because when one embodies yoga from the inside out, the teaching takes care of itself. Selena doesn't just teach yoga, she lives yoga, and at the end of your training with her, you can too.


I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Selena, interned at multiple 200 hour trainings around the world, and completed my 300 hour in Costa Rica with Selena in 2018. I cannot say enough about these trainings. I wanted a yoga practice that challenged my intellect and my body, that supported my heartfelt desires and pushed me to live my fullest life. Selena's trainings go so far beyond poses. I learned to communicate better in my relationships, to be bold in my pursuits, and to go after my dreams. Selena is an inspiring teacher that truly sees her students and pushes them to flourish. The training is not easy. It's demanding. But the gift you receive from your efforts is so worth it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I'm still processing, integrating, and exploring everything I learned in my years as her student and intern and I wouldn't change anything about my journey. If you're unsure, take this as a huge "DO IT!"