September 2019-September 2020

Six, 5-Day Modules

Sacred Ally 

Missoula, Montana 

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Individual Modules may be taken for CEUS

This 12 month extended program is for those wishing to advance their teaching, deepen their knowledge of the yoga tradition, and set themselves apart with the skills and knowledge that allows teachers to touch far more than their student's bodies. The ability to effectively work with energetics, Ayurveda, kriyas, bandhas, mantra, and other techniques, as well as an intimate knowledge of the tradition is what sets apart yoga instructors (i.e teaches a good asana class) and yoga teachers (empowers lives beyond the mat, tends to the whole of a person's being).

This program will offer you skills and techniques to make your mind your finest instrument, to help you open up to your highest potential, and to offer your students practices that will touch them far beyond their mat.

This program is broken into six, 5-day modules. If you miss a module you may make up the module the following year, or attend a training in Costa Rica to accumulate your hours. 






In this module you will dive deep into the heart of the yoga tradition.


MIND is crafted to teach you the philosophical and historical roots of the yoga tradition and to empower you to take these time tested methods and apply them to your own life and to your teaching. 

You will explore study of sacred texts, learn energetics, kriya, pranayama, mythic consciousness, meditation techniques, mantra, and other potent practices the teachings have to offer as tools for better navigating every area of your life. 

Teacher trainees will learn how to take these universal teachings and personalize them so that they can not only implement them into their personal practices  but how to share them with their students in a digestible and potent way. 


Explore the heart of the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and other texts that inform the tradition. 


Learn the philosophical foundations and beyond of Yoga's sister science Ayurveda. 

Elevate your practices and teaching with the path of Tantra, energy and power management.


BODY will expand your knowledge of the human body and teach you how to use anatomy and physiology as a path of awareness and mindfulness. You will study the anatomy and physiology of the breath and the nervous system, you will be guided through functional anatomy and physiology participatory lectures that leave you with a rich understanding of the human body as a moving being rather than simply memorizing structures. 

In addition to Western maps of the body, in this module you will learn the anatomical maps of the body according to the yoga tradition and Ayurveda. 

As a capstone to your BODY module, you will learn how to apply both Western anatomical maps and yoga energetics to your sequencing. 

Students will learn the scope of asana and its reach far beyond the body.


You will learn to sequence in ways that are intelligent from a kinesiological perspective and richly potent from an energetic perspective.


You will apply the vayus, doshas, chakras, and subtle body anatomy to your sequencing to create classes that impact much more than your student's bodies. 



METHOD is all about YOU. We can teach you ALL the teaching methods in the world, but at the end of the day you can only teach who you are. 

In METHOD you will receive personal development coaching from skilled, trained professionals so find your mission, values, and purpose. Additionally, you will receive lifetime access to Inner U the Handel Group's signature program for authoring and designing your life. This program is valued at $625 and is something you will return to again and again. 

You will receive business of yoga, business coaching, and guidance for whatever dharmic path you choose. 

You will learn to refine your voice as a teacher, to communicate clearly and with purpose both inside and outside of the studio. 

In addition you will learn art of adjustments, the power of touch, effective use of demonstration, and group facilitation coaching. 

The skills you will develop and the tools you will receive in METHOD will serve you both on and off of your mat.

You can take these modules in any order. They stand alone as continuing education hours to support your teaching and personal journey. Take one or all three, focusing on areas you wish to strengthen in your teaching and practice



We hold 200 and 500 hour designations and are a Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance International, a non-profit international, governing board serving schools, students, and teachers.

Upon successful completion of the program trainees are eligible to register at the 500 Hour designation with Yoga Alliance. 

Teachers may also choose to apply take select modules as continuing education registered through Yoga Alliance International. 



  • Personal development

  • Speaking with presence

  • Art of hands on adjustment

  • Mythic consciousness and class theming

  • Vinyasa krama

  • Leading meditation and kriya

  • Guided pranayama with purpose

  • Business of yoga (business plans, defining your brand, and more)

  • Kinesiology and human anatomy

  • The role of soft tissue in movement.  

  • Mobility and stability training for yoga practitioners

  • SAFE assists and palpation.

  • In-depth study of the Bhagavad Gita and yogic texts

  • History of Yoga

  • Beyond the Basics Ayurveda

  • Asana and Ayurveda

  • Observing Bodies in Motion

  • Teaching Yoga Nidra

  • And much more...


Throughout the course of your yoga teacher training you will practice yoga sequences that use the wisdom of vinyasa krama (wise progression) in both hatha alignment-based classes and flow classes, restorative yoga, and Yoga Nidra. 


You will also learn mobility and strength and conditioning practices to support yoga practitioners both on their mats and in their other activities. 


During training you will practice daily meditation and pranayama (breath work) to support not just your body but your mind-body connection. 


Asana deals with the past, pranayama deals with the present, and meditation deals with the future. You will learn to make all three components a part of your daily life and practices. 


Good teachers practice yoga and we will help you to cultivate a powerful home practice.​



Our team of teachers have over two decades of teaching in Higher Education, all of our faculty hold master and doctoral level degrees in their field of study. Great teachers are excellent students and we are as a team highly committed to our own continuing education and learning. 

You will be guided through training by Selena Garefino and several guest instructors TBA.


If you aren't ready to have your life changed, don't study with Selena. She has a rare gift of glimpsing her students' highest potential and constructing an environment to slowly draw it out. You will learn Anatomy and philosophy from someone who is deeply passionated about them and it shows. You WILL be inspired. You WILL leave equipped with the tools and insight to transform your life. You will also learn, inside and out and in every direction, an intricate, many-faceted and carefully considered perspective of the yoga tradition from an insanely experienced student herself. The whole idea of Selena's trainings are to integrate and assimilate the method because when one embodies yoga from the inside out, the teaching takes care of itself. Selena doesn't just teach yoga, she lives yoga, and at the end of your training with her, you can too.



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September 18-22nd

December 11-15th

February 26-March 1st

May 27-31st 

July 22nd-26th

September 23-27th



Students may enroll in a payment plan with a $500 deposit. Students will choose whether to pay monthly or bi-monthly, or trimonthly. Late payments will be assessed a $150.00 late fee. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. This policy is strict and firm. 

Your investment includes tuition, life-time access to Inner U the Handel Group's 12-session Personal Development Coaching program, a full color digital manual, an online forum and student portal and more. 


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