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In this 50 hour modules students will explore part one of the art of sequencing, Themes of Katonah yoga, body-weight strength training and conditioning for asana practitioners, functional mobility and so much more. Join master teachers Ari Halbert and Selena Garefino. 


Days 1-3 will focus on functional joint mobility, intelligent sequencing anchored in kinesiology and functional anatomy, and advancing your asana. 

Day 4 will be taught by Ari Halbert 

In this day-long module, we will take a deep dive into functional strength training and how it can benefit us in daily life, other sports activities, and in yoga.  With an emphasis on bodyweight resistance/calisthenics, the techniques used here will help to build strength and mobility in equal amounts, which leads to incredible carryover to all other fields of movement.  While most methods of weight training work to build power within a limited range of motion, we will work to build strength across the widest range of motion possible.  This is a great way to bulletproof the body, reducing the risk of injury and increasing overall physical ability. 


During the course of the day, we’ll move fluidly through a concentrated set of exercises and then take the time to dissect each of them one by one.  We will discuss how to safely and effectively incorporate these movement patterns into a yoga practice, and explore how to scale the level of difficulty for students of different levels and abilities.  

Day 5 will also be lead by Ari Halbert

Katonah Yoga: Asana as Origami


This workshop will introduce you to the core principals, practices, and philosophy of Katonah Yoga.  From esoteric concepts of Taoism to practical methods of constructing asana as origami, the training will offer tools to refine and reform your yoga practice.   


KATONAH YOGA® was founded by Nevine Michaan, and is a Hatha yoga practice refined over forty years, blended with Taoist theory, geometry, pranayama, and meditation. For more information, please visit www.katonahyoga.com

  • Principles of bodyweight strength training

  • The importance of active mobility over passive range of motion and how to increase the former

  • Spotting muscular imbalances and how to correct them

  • How to effectively alter the amount of bodyweight resistance to accommodate/scale for different levels of ability

  • Pre-hab exercises & methods of active recovery

  • Upper body straight arm strength

  • Upper body bent arm strength

  • Lower body strength 

  • Sequencing Strategies including Peak Pose, Body Region Specific, Key Actions, Postural Categories, and more

  • Art of Adjustments

  • Art of Demonstration

  • Stabilizing the shoulder girdle

  • Hip Stability and Yoga Asana

  • And more...

  • Programming: 

  • Designing a daily and weekly routine

  • Designing cycles, and meta cycles

  • Adjusting load, intensity, volume, frequency

  • Differences in program design for building strength vs. power vs. hypertrophy

  • Full-body vs. segmented programming

  • De-loading and rest cycles

  • An in-depth exploration of hands-on adjustments specific to the Katonah style

  • Restorative setups with chairs

  • How to use props to properly frame and “scaffold” a posture

  • Utilization of alternative props such as the dowel

  • How to teach a therapeutic private with Katonah Yoga

  • The use of metaphor within the Katonah Yoga dialogue

  • How the body is designed to fit itself (in a personal practice) and others (when teaching/giving adjustments)

  • The use of the magic square as a diagnostic tool




Following the training teachers must complete all assignments and required reading in order to apply for CEUs with Yoga Alliance International. 

Teachers may not apply this program to both a 300 hour and as CEUs. 

Meet Ari

A licensed acupuncturist, functional movement coach, Qi Gong instructor, and registered yoga teacher with over a decade of experience, Ari brings a diverse, multi-disciplinary approach to his work. His background in engineering, in-depth studies of biomechanics, and hands-on training in human anatomy enable him to help clients recover quickly from injury and achieve greater overall stability and quality of movement.  Ari is an expert at helping people understand complex movement principles an apply them within their own practices. 

In addition to his academic endeavors, Ari has spent many years gaining direct knowledge under the guidance and tutelage of Sung Baek, a 74th-generation Korean acupuncture master, and Nevine Michaan, founder of Katonah Yoga, whose mentorships have offered invaluable insight into the more esoteric aspects of Chinese Medicine, Taoist Philosophy and the yogic healing arts. 

With a keen eye for detail, Ari’s teaching style is succinct, highly personalized, and imbues a deep care for integrity of movement. To “work smarter, not harder” is Ari’s personal motto, and one can see this ethic carry over into his teaching via his deep commitment to helping students move with more efficiency, fluidity, and ease. 

Ari has an acupuncture practice in Boulder, Colorado and holds workshop internationally, teaching Yoga, Qi Gong, and calisthenics.


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