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Face Your Fears | Author Your Life

I started working with the Handel Group 6 years ago with my friend and teacher Elena Brower. I had lost a spouse, lost my direction, my sense of self, and my hope. I was a liar. Mostly to myself. I was disconnected from my heart's desires. I was also ready to break the status quo. I was ready to thoughtfully craft my life, to start telling the truth, to clean up my relationships, and to live with accountability and confidence. The Handel method helped me to unpack what I was doing and to reassemble my life with integrity, to speak truth, and rethink how I was operating in the world. It has changed everyrthing. Lauren Zander, coach to Fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs, and top talent like Hugh Jackman, has placed her 20+ years worth of methods and everything you get in private coaching into a 12 session program. You cannot afford not to do this for yourself. If you are a yoga teacher it is critical to understand you can only teach who you are and to take steps to support your own growth. Inner U is your pathway to being a better human and therefore a better teacher. 

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The bigger your dreams get, the louder the voice of fear gets. On the other side of fear is pride, period. Tell your inner chicken to cluck off. For real. You in?

Lauren Zander

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