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May Your Mind Be Your Finest Instrument

You are a grand and noble idea with profound potential waiting to be unveiled. You are the keeper of medicine that is needed. You are designed to thrive. Presence and Power is your pathway to your Highest possibilities. Yoga should touch more than your body. This mini-retreat, workshop, training is designed to lead you into self inquiry and to provide you with pragmatic skills to employ at home everyday. So you can have more joy, be more present, and life your most radically delicious and fulfilling life.


Presence & Power is a workshop...training...mini-retreat, designed to lead you into self-inquiry and to provide you with practical practices you can employ at home, every day.


Yoga is a technique and science. And like baking a cake you need the right recipe, the right techniques, and the right ingredients if you're going to make the best damn cake of your life. 

Presence & Power will provide you with the skills to have a meaningful, simple home asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra practice that will truly help you to better navigate every area of your life. 

Yoga has the power to touch far more than your body and we can depend on the teachings of the ancient ones for the pathways to our Highest. 

You will learn how to leverage your present conditions and your past to step into and ride the wave of your potential. How to sequence for the time of day, your present state, and for what you hope to accomplish. 

If you are a teacher, you will learn powerful practices to offer your students, but more importantly you will receive practices that you can hold hidden, just for you, a must for teachers. 

Why Presence & Power? 


Each of us is a noble idea with a noble cause and potentiality that is waiting to emerge. Our soul’s long to fulfill their purpose. These latent qualities within us, our hidden abilities are beckoning to be called forth. So why do we stray for our potential? Why do we get stuck? So often we’re pulled into our habituations, our comforts, our developed nature. But yoga offers us an invitation to leave the adventure-less land of comfort, to stop being habitual and to get intentional. To meet our life’s circumstances with skill and technique and to open up to our Highest-intended possibilities. We can leverage our strengths, strengthen our liabilities and stay in conversation between what lies in our present vision and the possibilities of our imagination. 

Potential is a seed and it requires proper nourishment and proper soil to grow. It requires that we awaken to our ingrained patterns so that we can turn and shift the direction of change to for the good. Staying on the frontier of what is unknown anchored in what we do know. And always being wiling to supplant our old knowledge of our self with new knowledge of the Self. 

All the material of your life is a means to achieving potential. It’s all in how you choose to work with it. Your past can be an emotional burden or it can be a foundation to propel you forward. You choose. 

Start approaching every day with curiosity. Do the things you must do with joy, do them skillfully, refine and strengthen the parts of yourself that are weak. Reactive? Practice the pause till you’re brilliant at it. Too soft? Hold your boundary in even the smallest ways. Use it all to RISE. 

There is no plan B. Universe has a plan for you and all of creation is eagerly awaiting your emergence. 

Let Presence & Power be another tool in your kit to help best direct parinmavada (inevitable change) for your benefit. 


Carefully curated practices to lead you home to yourself, to your inner teacher, to your highest self. Coaching, yoga, tantra, sadhana, and real community to support you. More than a workshop, you'll leave with tools to implement right away and months of practices to elevate you on and off the mat.



Asana is how we mitigate the past, it is how we clean our "house," build a healthy container for joy, and set ourselves up for life-time of longevity. An asana practice that takes full advantage of the energetics of the practice can do so much more than keep our physical body healthy. Asana has the capacity to speed us up, slow us down, mitigate our imbalances, and so much more. During Presence and Power you will experience potent asana classes and receive audio-recorded classes to continue your work at home. You will leave with the tools to build a powerful home practice. The place where you experience divine play and create space to create a reformation and have a revelation.

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Sadhana is the fullness of our spiritual practices that guide us on our path to our Highest Self and our most refined thinking. Sadhana is the totality of practices that lead us to experiencing Ultimate Reality, Presence, Brahma, Shakti, Atman. Essentially sadhana encompasses all of the practices that lead us into the ever-evolving, expansive experience of samadhi. 

Sadhana is all of the techniques, skills, and practices that we employ in our pursuit cultivating and connecting with consciousness. 

This broad definition of sadhana means that the terms envelopes a lot of things from the study of sacred texts to asana practice and meditation. 

The sadhana practices for Presence and Power include a range practices from exploration of myth to pranayama to study of sacred texts. Anything that evolves us is on the table. 

You will receive sadhana practices to add to your current practices to help you reach your Highest Self. 




Presence and Power is supported by the potent techniques developed by the Handel Group Life Coaching. Participants will experience a group coaching session with Handel Group Coach Jill Alban, as well as emotional healing work with Selena. Participants will have special access to a facilitated experience of Inner U, the Handel Group's most potent course for dismantling your BS and learning to thrive in the most critical areas of your life. 

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Selena's Presence and Power workshop will inspire, educate, and empower you to pursue and uncover your authentic self. She is not your teacher if you wish to be coddled or spoon fed. She will provoke fundamental questioning that invites you to strip away the self limiting stories, practices, and habits that hold you back from your greatest potential. Go to her class, shake the dust, and breathe life into your dry bones.

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AUGUST 22-29 Amorgos Greece

CEUs for Teachers


Yoga is the pathway out of the adventure-less land of comfort, out of our habituations, and into intentionality. It is the invitation to meet our life’s circumstances with skill and technique and to open up to Highest Possibility. Yoga in its fullest work is the means to leverage our strengths, strengthen our liabilities and stay in conversation between what lies in our present vision and the possibilities within our imagination.





Presence and Power can be led as a 2-day workshop, 3-day work shop, or 5-day extended program. 10-30 Hours. All Presence and Power workshops offer continuing education hours for teachers.

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