The best trainings are not judged by the teacher's expertise but by the students' understanding and assimilation of knowledge after training, enhanced yoga practice on and off the mat, and their overall experience. Read through what some of our students had to say about their experience training with Selena. 

If you aren't ready to have your life changed, don't study with Selena. She has a rare gift of glimpsing her students' highest potential and constructing an environment to slowly draw it out. You will learn anatomy and philosophy from someone who is deeply passionate about them and it shows. You WILL be inspired. You WILL leave equipped with the tools and insight to transform your life. You will also learn, inside and out and in every direction, an intricate, many-faceted and carefully considered perspective of the yoga tradition from an insanely experienced student herself. The whole idea of Selena's trainings are to integrate and assimilate the method because when one embodies yoga from the inside out, the teaching takes care of itself. Selena doesn't just teach yoga, she live's yoga, and at the end of your training with her, you can too."

Christine, 500 Hour YTT

Selena asks her students to dig deeper, to be vulnerable, and to be authentic. The yoga sequences are simple but humbling. It was easy for me to see where I needed to do more work. Simultaneously, I was feeling empowered. Selena gave us information and tools we could use to deal with some of our issues. I left wanting to know more, not just from her, not just about  yoga, but from the sources she cites and the various schools of knowledge she wraps into her trainings.


She truly comprehends the complexity and pitfalls of the human experience on such a vast level. Her craving of knowledge and ability to make it accessible and easily integratabtle in your life is transformational. I left the workshop inspired but also immediately started implementing communication skills I learned; which will improve all my relationships, most importantly the one with myself. I don’t think the knowledge and insight you gain from a Selena workshop is as fleeting as some because of the myriad of tools she supplies to you. She is dedicated to providing every student a useful and meaningful way to process and implement the information she presents.


A weekend I didn’t even know I needed. Selena is an amazingly raw teacher. She says the things you need to hear but always with love that always brings a new light to my eyes. I got to learn a new style of yoga and she pushed me to new limits. From history of traditional yoga to personal development, this program kept me on my toes and time flew by without me even realizing it. I can’t wait to do more with her in the future and I’m incredibly grateful I was apart of this program this year.


I came with a notebook and yoga mat ready to learn. 
I left with so much more than a few more yoga tricks and a cool story to tell. 
I left empowered, inspired and excited. I left with new tools and a new prospective on the choices and actions I've taken or not taken towards personal my development. I was introduced to the history of traditional yoga that I've always wanted to learn. The practices pushed me out of my comfort zone, passed my limiting beliefs of what I thought my body was capable of doing. Her passion for learning is not just for her benefit. It gracefully flows over into her teachings. Forever grateful.


Selena will inspire, educate, and empower you to pursue and uncover your authentic self. She is not your teacher if you wish to be coddled or spoon fed. She will provoke fundamental questioning that invites you to strip away the self limiting stories, practices, and habits that hold you back from your greatest potential. Go to her class, shake the dust, and breathe life into your dry bones.


 I left feeling inspired and energized.  The practices and exercises were powerful.  I will utilize the skills I learned for myself and my students.  I learned so much more about Katonah yoga and I left with a thirst for more knowledge and an excitement to put into practice all that I learned!  Thank you, Selena! 


It was a life-changing experience with amazing women from all over the world (okay Canada, US, and Europe ;)) and especially amazing teacher who taught us not only the yoga practice but also important things for everyday life. The accommodation was very nice, super clean and super helpful and friendly personal and we had healthy yummy food ;) Selena is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. She taught us a lot about anatomy (in a way everybody can understand and practice it), and she brought us to a state where we could actually enjoy a meditation. She is like a living encyclopedia, no need for google anymore when you need something to know about Yoga History. Full of love kindness and knowledge of philosophy (real good stories about the Indian Gods ;)) and life in general. If you are looking for a high-class yoga teacher training, for a place where you can reflect and learn about, then this is the place! I will definitely come back here if I will do my 300-hours advanced teacher training in the next couple of years!


The word I keep using is life-changing. The program was incredibly informative, transformative, challenging, fun and beautiful.


First time up in the mountains, first time in a cabin, and first time doing a yoga teacher training. Everything was more than what I could ever imagine. One of the best experiences of my life. Completely aligned with my own wellness journey and future endeavors. There was so much knowledge and passion between Selena and Rhoni. They truly changed my life and look forward to working with the each of them to further my education in ALL Things Yoga. With so much gratitude in my heart, THANK YOU!


“Selena is an energetic, knowledgeable and passionate teacher of yoga. She has an exceptional teaching style that is inclusive, patient, captivating and extremely well organized. Her curriculum is far reaching and demanding. I truly am amazed at her wealth of knowledge and feel fortunate that the universe led me to her. I would whole heartedly recommend Selena’s programs to anyone wishing to teach yoga or broaden their understanding of this amazing spiritual journey.”


“Selena Garefino is an excellent, compassionate and exciting yoga teacher. She is regarded as one of the best teachers in the state of Montana. She brings her knowledge and passion for yoga to everyone. Selena has a wealth of experience to share teaching her classes as well as educating new teachers. Don’t miss this experience to train with her. She has worked very hard to create a teacher training that will be a fantastic experience.”


“Selena created a wonderfully safe, supportive and caring environment for all of us to learn...I made friendships and connections which I know will last throughout my life. Their knowledge and their willingness to share it make them enthusiastic teachers who want their students to become strong, knowledgeable and balanced teachers. I learnt so much throughout the training, not only about asanas but also about yogic philosophy and anatomy. I left knowing that I have much more to learn but confident enough to start teaching and with the appropriate tools to continue to study. There was a great balance of all the aspects of yoga you’d want to start or continue to learn about and I am truly grateful for the experience. I can’t recommend the training enough. Be ready to be worked! In a good way! ”


“I took my first class from Selena almost two years ago, and I still remember it. Why? Because during that class I had this moment like, “hell yeah” - I found my teacher. Since that first class, I’ve taken dozens of classes from Selena and every time, I walk away with a bit more... A bit more knowledge, awareness, spark, spunk, love, breath, understanding... every time, I walk away feeling a bit more alive. My asana practice has grown and benefited from Selena’s mindful sequencing and every other part of my yoga practice (and life) has grown and benefited from knowing her. Selena is an amazing teacher. She’s knowledgeable on every level you could want. She has soul and spirit. She is honest and raw. She’s freaking witty and hilarious. She shows up and requires that you show up for yourself.  More importantly than being an amazing teacher, Selena is one of the best people that I know. Anyone is lucky to cross paths with this wonderful human and I highly recommend that you do.”


"Selena is a truly wonderful teacher - I can't imagine embarking on the training journey with anyone else. Her teaching style, both in her yoga classes and YTT modules is concise, energetic, challenging (com prepared to work!), and fun. Selena's assignments and in class exercises can be difficult (some physically, some mentally) but build on one another, and are incredibly helpful in establishing a strong foundation in all of the subtleties that go into teaching safely, intelligently and successfully. Whether or not you are planning on teaching following training, you will leave with a wealth of knowledge about yogic philosophy, much improved sanskrit pronunciation, an understanding of anatomy as it pertains to yoga, and a yoga practice that you LOVE."

Bria, 1,000 HR YTT

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