Including a 5-day Immersive Retreat at Spirit Works Ranch

April-November 2020

Hosted by Mandala Montana

Whitefish, Montana

This 8 month extended program is for those wishing to either deepen their personal practice or to learn to effectively teach safe, powerful sequences designed to touch the lives of students both on and off of their mats. 


Our 200 hour Foundational teacher training will teach you the art of vinyasa krama (wise progressive sequencing), Ayurveda, safe and effective use of touch and adjustments, history and philosophy from a PhD scholar of Yogic Philosophy, functional mobility, teaching methodology, and contains a powerful personal development module with licensed coaches and counselors to improve your communication, your love, your life. 


We believe you can only teach who you are. This unique program will provide you with the tools to connect with your most authentic self, to walk your sva dharma ( your personal path) with courage and grace, and to truly live the teachings of yoga both on and off of your mat.

This 200 hour program includes extensive personal development coaching with certified coaches, applied anatomy anchored in the Functional Range Conditioning System,  methodologies of Katonah Yoga, and rooted in Sri Vidya Classical Yoga studies. 

This training will give you practices and techniques to operate in more joy, to be the author of your life, and to practice yoga for true longevity. 


5-day Immersion Spirit Works Ranch

April 22-26th

Your training begins with a 5-day retreat at Spirit Works Ranch in Whitefish Montana. Having taught immersions for many years I know how powerful immersive experiences are for personal transformation; offering a way to truly create sacred space to dive in, to dig deep, and to mine the jewel of the heart.


Immersions allow for students to develop new habits, to commit to their practices, and to get acquainted with spending time daily in study, meditation, and practice. 

During your immersion you will be given personal development tools, practices, and skills to carry you through the rest of your training and your life. This immersion will set a solid foundation for the rest of your teacher training. 

Savor curated meals, a wood-fire hot tub, cold plunge pool, carefully crafted practices and teachings to establish you in the teachings and your own heart. 

Training Dates

Whitefish Montana

April 22-26th Retreat at Spirit Works Ranch

May 16-17th Mandala Montana

June 27th-28th Mandala Montana

July 18-19th Mandala Montana

August 15-16th Mandala Montana

September 26-27th Mandala Montana

November 7-8th Mandala Montana


  • Functional Anatomy and Physiology

  • History and Philosophy of Yoga

  • The Art of Sequencing

  • Ayurveda

  • Art of Adjustments

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Better Communication and Relating

  • Mantra

  • Business of Yoga

  • Meditation Techniques

  • Pranayama Techniques

  • So much more...

“Selena is a truly wonderful teacher - I can’t imagine embarking on the 200hr YTT journey with anyone else. Her teaching style, both in her yoga classes and YTT modules is concise, energetic, challenging (come prepared to work!), and fun. Selena’s assignments and in class exercises can be difficult (some physically, some mentally) but build on one another, and are incredibly helpful in establishing a strong foundation in all of the subtleties that go into teaching safely, intelligently and successfully. Whether or not you are planning on teaching following training, you will leave with wealth of knowledge about yogic philosophy, much improved sanskrit pronunciation, an understanding of anatomy as it pertains to yoga, and a yoga practice that you LOVE.”

Bria Gillespie 500HR RYT




Your tuition includes a 200+ page manual, all-inclusive retreat week at Spirit Works, personal development coaching, and more. 


You can only teach who you are. This training will guide you into a true exploration of YOU. Your most important asset. You will leave with your Purpose, Values, and Mission clearly defined and a clear map to your Highest Self. Inner U will give you a life-time of tools for continually designing the life you want and deserve. 


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