NOVEMBER 1-22, 2021



This 22 day Intensive (21 nights, 22 days) is a retreat style, immersive experience for students who have previously taken our online 100 Hour Teacher Training and would like to complete their 200 Hour certification on retreat, at a discounted price. Join us for the entirety of this immersive experience and advance your foundational knowledge while receiving the magic of in person training.


Refresh your knowledge from your online 100 Hour Teacher Training and continue deepening your personal practice and learning to effectively teach safe, powerful sequences designed to touch the lives of students both on and off of their mats. This 200 Hour training will solidify and expand your knowledge on the art of vinyasa krama (wise progressive sequencing) taking into account kinesiology and energetics, yoga history and philosophy, functional anatomy, and more. You will learn to sequence both hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga style classes. 


We believe you can only teach who you are. This unique program will provide you with the tools to connect with your most authentic self, to walk your sva dharma (personal path) with courage and grace, and to truly live the teachings of yoga both on and off of your mat.


Naya is located just a few minutes outside of Ubud, Bali and it is surrounded by tropical gardens and riverfront views.

Known for its lush rainforests and picturesque rice fields, Bali will allow you to disconnect from the chaos of everyday life and reconnect with your practice. Fresh fruit, tranquil gardens, and stunning sunsets make this the perfect getaway to immerse in the full system of yoga, on retreat.

Take advantage of weekly excursions where you will experience a water temple, an Ayurvedic spa, and a surprise excursion that will take place each week.



Writer, speaker, South-Asian Anthropologist, and personal development coach, Selena has been teaching yoga and movement since 2006.

Her classes offer yoga and meditation as a mechanism to shift the way we offer ourselves in all aspects of our lives and as a tool for granting profound healing in our bodies, our hearts, and ultimately our relationships.

She is deeply committed to raising up a generation of innovative, knowledgeable teachers. Her programs offer students and practitioners tools and methods to truly take yoga off of the mat and into the fabric of their lives so that they can show up more effectively in the world.

Selena holds a MPH from Boston University, a MA in Cultural Anthropology, and is a PhD Candidate at the University of Montana. She is a two time Cornell University Nepali Language Fellow, and 2017 Fulbright awardee.

She is currently completing her dissertation research on yoga and spiritualism in the West at the University of Montana.

“Selena is a truly wonderful teacher - I can’t imagine embarking on the 200hr YTT journey with anyone else. Her teaching style, both in her yoga classes and YTT modules is concise, energetic, challenging (come prepared to work!), and fun. Selena’s assignments and in class exercises can be difficult (some physically, some mentally) but build on one another, and are incredibly helpful in establishing a strong foundation in all of the subtleties that go into teaching safely, intelligently and successfully. Whether or not you are planning on teaching following training, you will leave with wealth of knowledge about yogic philosophy, much improved sanskrit pronunciation, an understanding of anatomy as it pertains to yoga, and a yoga practice that you LOVE.”

Bria Gillespie 500HR RYT






All-inclusive. Daily juice or coconut, 3 vegetarian meals per day, and weekly excursions. Shared accommodations with spacious bathroom and full kitchen. On-site swimming pool, rainfall shower, private terrace, wifi, air conditioning, and jungle forest views.



All-inclusive. Daily juice or coconut, 3 meals per day, and weekly excursions. Shared accommodations with a spacious bathroom. On-site swimming pool, rainfall shower, large private patio, wifi, air conditioning, and views of the jungle forest and rice paddies.


You can only teach who you are. This training will guide you into a true exploration of YOU. Your most important asset. You will leave with your Purpose, Values, and Mission clearly defined and a clear map to your Highest Self. 

Join our team in Bali on the adventure of a life time.

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