The Art of Sequencing
Sequencing for Presence and Power
 an online training

We are magicians when we can control our mind, our body, and our breath. When we can use all of the parts of ourselves, know when and how to heat ourselves, cool ourselves, how to stimulate or calm our nervous system, and how to nourish ourselves at different times of day, different, seasons, and more. 

In this course you will learn to build potent sequences that effectively make use of specific postural categories and techniques to impact your nervous system, mind, body, and breath. 

You will learn to sequence for specific body regions, to build to a peak posture, for mythic themes, and oh so much more. 

Whether you're a teacher or a series student that wants to deepen your personal work this course will offer you a tool belt and a blue print for how to use your yoga to touch more than your physical body. 

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During this challenging period the course price will be reduced to $300

A $200 Savings. 

9 Asana Classes + Corresponding Meditation and Pranayama. 

A bonus module of Katonah Yoga-Inspired Asana and PranayamaPractices exclusive to course participants 

Video Lectures on Sequencing, Yoga Asana, Energetics, and More

A Once a Month Zoom meeting with me to ask questions!

A Discussion Forum to connect with others

Opportunity for Private Mentorship

Life-Time Access

May be applied for CEUs or Towards your Yoga Teacher Training with Me!

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