About me

Hi, I'm Selena! I'm so glad you're here. I believe that yoga, movement, connection, and community are for everyone. I am here to serve you, to offer you pragmatic, practical tools to help you author your life, live for longevity, to operate from more grace, and to make graceful effort. 

I have been teaching movement for almost 15 years and training yoga teachers for 5 years. 

A student for life, I named this work the Evolve Method because I am continually weaving new methods, new tools, and new ways of operating into my work and offerings. 

To go somewhere you've never been before requires you do something you've never done before. This is evolution. It's the key to our elevation and our personal revolution. 

I'm all about a movement and coaching practice that feels good, that ups your function and your longevity. I am after practices that are enlivening, enriching, and make way for you and your creative genius to shine over dogma every time. 

I teach alignment as a guiding light rather than a rigidity to form, making space for all bodies and all ways of being. 


My Methods

Learn. Evolve. Elevate.

I believe everyone should have access to high quality education whether you are a practitioner craving more depth, a teacher looking for fresh inspiration, or ready to start your journey as a teacher. 

Yoga, Meditation, Mobility, Breath-work, Theory 


Evolve Method Teacher Training 200 & 300HR




Inspired By...

Selena has studied extensively with Elena Brower, Dr. Douglas Brooks. Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker, Noah Mazé, Sarah Powers, Melina Meza, and other luminaries. She holds a MA in South Asian socio-cultural anthropology and is a PhD candidate at the University of Montana. She is a certified Pilates instructor, FRC Functional Mobility Specialist, Kinstretch certified, a personal development coach, and a Precision Nutrition nutritional coach. 

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