MAY 6-10

50 HOUR 




This 50 Hour training will take you into the heart of the yoga tradition. This training will explore the tantric vision of the world, what our yoga project is seeking to accomplish, and the ways in which the practice can empower us to live and do good in a world that is often conflicted, competitive, chaotic, and all at once compelling. 

Teachers will learn to take philosophical concepts, universalize them, personalize them, and use their knowledge to guide their own students into the heart of the practice. 

Teachers will participate in daily sadhana including meditation, asana, pranayama, kriya and other practices to support their learnings and to embody the teachings. 

Included in this training is Presence and Power including a session with Handel Group Coach Jill Alban. And discounted access to Inner U, the Handel Group's signature online coaching program. 



This program is open to serious students and teachers alike. 200 Hour Trained teachers may apply this program to their 500 hour advanced teacher training or CEUS through Yoga Alliance International. 

This module is a deep dive into the tradition but does not cover teaching methodology. It's appropriate for seekers as well as teachers ready to advance their knowledge, practice, and skills as a teacher. 


Selena holds a MA in South Asian Anthropology and is a PhD candidate completing her doctoral studies on yoga and spiritualism in the West. These teachings come from her over two decades of study in academia as well countless hours with her teachers Dr. Douglas Brooks and Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker. 

  • History of Yoga and the maturing of the yoga tradition

  • Kriya, Bandha, Pranayama, Meditation techniques

  • Mythic Consciousness

  • Tantric Philosophy and Practice

  • Energetics of Asana

  • Teaching Philosophy Effectively

  • Advancing your "yoga project"

  • And more...



APRIL 15-19th


Following the training teachers must complete all assignments and required reading in order to apply for CEUs with Yoga Alliance International. 

Teachers may not apply this program to both a 300 hour and as CEUs. 

If you aren't ready to have your life changed, don't study with Selena. She has a rare gift of glimpsing her students' highest potential and constructing an environment to slowly draw it out. You will learn Anatomy and philosophy from someone who is deeply passionated about them and it shows. You WILL be inspired. You WILL leave equipped with the tools and insight to transform your life. You will also learn, inside and out and in every direction, an intricate, many-faceted and carefully considered perspective of the yoga tradition from an insanely experienced student herself. The whole idea of Selena's trainings are to integrate and assimilate the method because when one embodies yoga from the inside out, the teaching takes care of itself. Selena doesn't just teach yoga, she lives yoga, and at the end of your training with her, you can too.

—  Christine, 500HR GRADUATE

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