Hey Wild Woman...
What is the Wild Woman's Circle™

The Wild Woman's Circle was developed by my teacher Michaela Boehm. The circle is a place to powerfully explore the realms of women’s practice and create heartfelt connection in your own life and with other women.

What to Expect...

  • The Wild Woman's Circle™ is a place for each woman to connect with that wild nature that is our birthright. It's a place for each of us to connect with our body and to develop our own unique expression of what it means to be a Wild Woman
  • You will explore Non-Linear Movement™ and embodiment practices to heal and restore your nervous system, to connect with your feeling self, to develop your sensitivity and awareness of your body's innate intelligence.
  • Together we will participate in guided rituals to connect to our sensory selves and to learn skills to express ourselves fully.
  • You will participate in exercises and practices to build the "muscle" of self-expression so that you can truly know what it is to be a varied and fully expressed human being
  • The monthly Wild Woman's Circle offers a place for potent connection and community and ALL are welcome
  • You will participate in a monthly ritual. Ritual is one of the most ancient ways to connect with ourselves, each other, and the natural world. Within ritual is the depth of knowledge of our ancestors and our own new beginnings

If you are craving the connection, collaboration and resonance that is possible when women come together and learn from each other, if you want to connect on a deeper level with the freedom that is inside of you, if you're ready to tap into your body's wisdom the Wild Woman's Circle™ is for you. 

November 30th The Yoga Room

Closing the Year...

We will gather once again to close out the month and to do some reflective work as we close out the year. A deep dive into your somatic experience + time to connect and share. Located at The Yoga Room inside SBG Kalispell.

The workshop will begin at 5pm
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I'm Selena.

A personal development coach, movement teacher, yoga teacher, and certified Wild Women's Circle facilitator. I came to this work because I was seeking connection with myself and my fellow women. I was seeking embodiment exercises that were focused on inquiry over imposition.

I belive that life is a gift to be celebrated not a problem to be solved and that you and I are not projects.

The Wild Woman's Way practices and Embodiment work has expanded my capacity to sit with the full-range of my experiences and has given me potent tools for expressing through my body, my words, my work, my love.

This isn't about imposing ideas of the "feminine" but instead letting nature arise through each woman so we can each be exactly who we are.

Wild Woman's Circle™
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