A Costa Rica Yoga, Movement, and Meditation Retreat

To illuminate is to shine from the inside. Explore your inner radiance with us

February 25-March 3rd

Selena Garefino 

Come Away with Us

Travel Inclusions

  • Food and Drink excluding alcohol
  • Accommodations of your choice from rustic cabinas to luxury villas
  • Transportation from SJO
  • Daily Practices curated to inspire and nourish
  • Sound Bath an evening sound bath for deep relaxation
  • Waterfall Excursion to nearby beautiful jungle locations
  •  Optional Add-On Excursions on your free day
  • Somatic Movement and Personal Development
  • Beach Trips Shuttle to and from the beach
  • A celebration dinner to conclude our time
  • Free time for rest and relaxation
  • Professional Photos to commemorate your experience
Plan to fly into SJO San Jose Costa Rica! You will need to arrive the night before our start date (Feb 25th) or BEFORE 1pm on the start date to catch our group transport!

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”

-Marcus Aurelius


Take Me Away...

Your Stay

A few more details... 


❖ Expect an all-levels more vigorous morning practice and an evening restorative session weaving teachings, meditation, and yoga nidra


❖ Selva Armonia serves all organic plant based meals. There will be eggs available at breakfast for all guests. Enjoy a juice and smoothie bar. Alcohol is not included but may be purchased at the bar. 


❖ Your retreat includes excursions to local waterfalls and the beach. You may add on additional excursions on your free day if you wish add more adventure to your stay. 


❖ Massage and spa services are available for add-on

Your Accommodations

Choose the room that fits your budget

from cabinas to luxury Bali villas we've got you

Hidden deep in the mountains of Uvita, Costa Rica, Selva Armonía is an adult-only immersive jungle resort that provides a unique space for events, adventure, wellness, and sustainability.

A are a place to escape, a place to find yourself, a place to celebrate, a catalyst for inspiration. An eco-luxury experience woven into ocean view permaculture gardens.

We are here to provide an immersive jungle experience that inspires a connection to nature and community.

Escape to Costa Rica With Us

Choose accommodations based on your budget from shared cabinas to a luxury Bali Villa. A perfect mid winter getaway to inspire and renew.  

Casa Grande

Starting At



Private Cabina

Starting At



Bungalow Suite

Starting At



Lux Bali Villa

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To be luminous is to emanate a steady soft light, beauty; in even the darkest of nights

Yoga, meditation, movement, and connection with our inner nobility, and wisdom; building a rich inner life teaches us to radiate and shine. Join us for a week of simple and profound practices to soften into your skin, your inner knowing, your body that is the vessel for all of the experiences that mark a human life. 


Yoga and Embodiment Anchored in Play and Exploration

We believe your practice is meant to serve you not the other way around. We invite you to join us for a week of exploring practices from a place of play and pleasure. Sometimes our most profound inner "work" comes from play, rest, and simply allowing ourselves to just be. We're a culture obsessed with personal development. This is an invitation to spend some accepting yourself, loving as you are, no need to "improve." Just you shining. 


Connection, Expression, Community

Retreats are an opportunity to uncover soul connections with people you otherwise would have never met. They're an opportunity to step away from the day-to-day so you can uncover and rediscover parts of yourself and meet yourself in new ways. 

We invite you to remember how to PLAY in your body, how to express freely, to expand your capacity for joy.  To really hit "pause" and tend to your soul. 

The soul longs for expansion...
Illuminate with Us

Nourishing Meals Your stay includes beautiful organic, plant based meals. Replenish your body and soul with our one-of-a-kind meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. All locally sourced organic ingredients.

Excursions Savor waterfall hikes, beach trips, a beach bonfire, and optional add-on excursions during your free time. 

Experience Sound baths, a DJ for our final pool and dance party, beach bonfires, and so much more. We are going to PLAY

Yoga & More Daily curated practices led by Selena and Marie. Somatic embodiment, meditation, yoga, breathwork, and more. 

Time in Great Nature Selva Armonia is located in Uvita Costa Rica surrounded by stunning rain forest, waterfalls, and more. Beautifully nestled near the Pacific Ocean and stellar beachers. 

Additional Delights...

1. Yoga Practices for Radiance and Joy

Twice daily curated yoga practices to nourish the whole of you. Personal development. 

2. Yoga Nidra + Restorative

Curated yin, restorative, and nidra practices to cultivate deep rest and radiance. 

3. Somatic Movement

Explore somatic embodiment practices and Dr. Dance with Selena. Your embodiment holds deep wisdom and through these practices you'll learn to hone your listening to the voice of your body. 


Connect With the Whole of You...You are unique and your practice should meet you where you're at. Together we'll explore a host of tools and techniques so you will go home inspired and empowered to practice in a way that is right for YOU. This is a week to connect with your heart, your body, and mind, and to leave with renewed clarity. 

The Soul Longs for Expansion


We want you to have a yoga practice, a movement practice, and a meditation practice that is all your own.

Together we'll explore practices to nourish the whole of you, to practice in a way that is truly embodied, and that moves you closer to yourself. 

Yoga is personal religion.

We're not here to give you more dogma to adhere to but to offer you tools, practices, and the space to explore your body, your heart, and your inner wisdom.

Your most critical transmission is your inner transmission.

You, your body, your paraphernalia needed. 

Awe is the antidote...


Life becomes mundane when you surrender your awe. We are here to stoke the fires of your imagination, to awaken your awe, to guide you through a week of practices to inspire and enliven the whole of you. 

You'll wake up each day in close contact with Great Nature, serenaded by the sounds of the jungle. We'll spend our mornings in practice exploring our embodiment through yoga and somatic tools. 

Each afternoon you will have free time to explore Uvita, play in the ocean, rest, and enjoy Costa Rica.  

Each evening you'll be treated to a second practice before dinner incorporating restorative yoga, yoga nidra, journaling, somatic movement, and more.  

During the week you will have a free day for longer excursions and to integrate the teachings. 

Selena's teacher Dr. Douglas Brooks says that there is only one teaching "love your life."

Spend a week falling in love with us in the jungle of Costa Rica.  




Your Guides

Selena Garefino

Storyteller, yoga and meditation teacher, movement teacher, anthropologist, life coach, photographer, and expert retreat guide, Selena has guided trips around the world for 12 years.

Selena will stoke the fire of your imagination, bring you home to yourself, and inspire you to LOVE YOUR LIFE.

Selena is a teacher of teachers, personal development and somatic movement coach, movement and meditation teacher, NLP practitioner, writer, and speaker. She has practiced yoga for 28 years and has trained hundreds of teachers globally since 2015.

Selena is the host and creator of the Mapping the Self Podcast™ a show dedicated to conversations on self-mastery, self-exploration, and our simplest altruism.

She is the founder of the Evolve Method™ a yoga method incorporating modern movement science and weaving the art and teachings of the ancients into modern life. 

She holds a BA in Anthropology and Archaeology, an MPH, an MA in Sociocultural Anthropology, and is a PhD candidate in Anthropology. She is a two-time Cornell Fellow and Fulbright Awardee.

She holds certifications in Katonah Yoga™, thousands of hours in yoga training, FRC Kinstretch™, FRC Mobility, Pilates, Personal Training, Precision Nutrition™, Ayurveda, Movement Flow™, Non-Linear Movement Method™, Yoga Medicine™, and TCM.

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